Saturday, January 11, 2014

Statement by the Unpaid Staff Organization Membership in Response to Proposed Program Changes

January 2014

The future of KPFA is integrally connected to the future of the communities where it is broadcast.  While there are many problems within KPFA, they are small in relationship to the problems that are faced and solved everyday by our listeners.  We believe in KPFA to the extent that it is useful to these people and our goal is to make this station a healthier and stronger part of the communities it seeks to serve.

The current proposal* for programming changes was developed in a flawed process that included a lack of transparency during the development phase.   Unpaid staff producers were generally kept in the dark as changes were being prepared and not provided a systematic method for feedback.  This lack of communication and lack of clarity in what responses were welcome caused unnecessary tension and dis-empowerment among unpaid staff. 

Nevertheless, most of us feel that KPFA needs to undergo fundamental changes in order to meet current challenges and serve our listeners.** 

What does this mean?
It may or may not include a major overhaul of the program grid.
It should include 1) debuting programs on KPFB, 2) station-wide promotion that is integrated with our current production and promotion work, and 3) more multi-media and website streaming of KPFA programs.

These things are necessary for any future program change at KPFA:
·      Regular monthly staff meetings on a regular day of the month (afternoon & evening) that provide a space for meaningful collaboration.
·      Building a schedule of off-air events to raise revenue, working with current producers from all areas of the station in a transparent procedure.
·      Published policies and procedures for program change.
·      A balance in authority between a representative Program Council and the new General Manager and Program Director in making program changes.
·      Transparency about the reasoning as to why programs are being moved, changed or cancelled.
·      The inclusion and respect for the views and needs of the unpaid staff to the same extent as paid staff.
·      Particular attention to the needs of programming elders as well as others with specific circumstances.
·      A General Manager Report to the Listeners, an on-air program, at least a month before any change begins.
·      A formal listener comment period with multiple points of feedback (mail, e-mail, Facebook, etc) for all program changes.
·      Because the 8-9 am M-F program should include the potential for local information, any possible syndicated programs should be produced in Northern California. 

This list and our thoughts above is only a beginning.  We have other ideas and concerns and have convened a small group to consider them in depth and to work with management toward positive alternatives.  

Given the many problems in the current proposal, we recommend against adopting these changes.   

Signed by the following Unpaid Staff Producers/Hosts***:
Sara Blanco, Apprentice
Adrienne Lauby, Pushing Limits, Unpaid Staff Council Member
Lisa Dettmer, Women’s Magazine
Kazmi Torii, Work Week Radio
Pedro Reyes, Setting the Standard
Kate Raphael, Women’s Magazine
Steve Zeltzer, Work Week Radio
Frank Sterling, Apprenticeship Program, Local Station Board Representative
Clay Leander, Radio Cuba Canta
Rickey Vincent, The History of Funk
Marie Choi, APEX Express, UpFront
Shelley Berman, Pushing Limits
Sabrina Jacobs, Morning Mix
Ann Garrison, unpaid staff
Ruthanne Shpiner, Weekend News
Art Sato, In Your Ear, Music Department
Gregory Jackson, Apprentice, Full Circle
Peter Phillips, Project Censored, Morning Mix
Mickey Huff, Project Censored, Morning Mix
Doug Wellman, Puzzling Evidence
Andres Soto, Morning Mix
Preeti Mangala Shekar, Apex Express
Robynn Takayama, Apex Express
R.J. Lozada, Apex Express
Tara Dorabji, Apex Express
Karl Jagbandhansingh, Apex Express
Salima Hamirani, Apex Express
Ellen Choy, Apex Express

Anthony Fest, Morning Mix, Weekend News
Nina Serrano, La Raza Chronicles, Open Book: Poet to Poet
Davey D., Hard Knock, Morning Mix

** The UPSO Council voted on the basic issues of this statement.  Adrienne Lauby & Ann Garrison voted yes.  Tim Lynch voted no.  Shahram Aghamir had left the meeting and David Gans resigned by e-mail as the meeting was in process.

***Program names for identification purposes only.

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  1. WITHOUT/ with less MUSIC, more despair, depression, suicide…
    the state of the world is insane - we need to balance with JOY - music IS MEDICINE!!!

    KEEP THE REMAINING 1 HOUR OF WORLD MUSIC!!!! …bad enough it shrunk from 2 hours.