Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Resolution: KPFA Worker Website

Motion:  The KPFA Worker site does not represent UPSO.
Yes 19
Opposed 1
Abstain 3
Motion Passed at a membership meeting of the Unpaid Staff Organization. 

This website says it “support the labor rights of all workers at the station,” is “ created by a collective that includes paid and unpaid staff at KPFA” and uses the tag line “supporting the paid and unpaid staff of KPFA…” Unpaid staff member Peter Phillips has tried to respond to attacks on the Morning Mix and did not get a response.  Others including Steve Zeltzer & Shahram Aghamir have had the same experience.

Discussion:  Generally people agreed that if we do not have representation directly for unpaid staff, then we should issue a statement saying that this site does not represent the unpaid staff.  Various people expressed frustration at the secretive nature of KPFA Worker editors/writers, as well as its disruptive effect.  Many ideas were floated about how to deal with it.  Some people said this meeting was too small to issue any proclamations about it.  That opinion did not carry the day.

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