Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Resolution for Equitable Hiring

Resolution for Equitable Hiring

The announcement of a hiring process for the relief co-host/producer for Up Front has caused a slew of rumors and concern.  Given the often rocky history of hiring at KPFA, we raise the following issues:

1)  We applaud the move toward an open hire for the relief work which most union-staffed programs require.

2)  We call for a similar open process in deciding all new hires at KPFA and hiring committees that include representation from the unpaid staff.

3)  We oppose any prioritizing of additional staff for the Up Front program.  The long-term financial stress at KPFA has led to cuts in hours and jobs since 2010 with many programs (including the Apprenticeship Program) cut beyond what is possible to sustain.  For this reason, no program should be allotted additional salaried support without a station-wide discussion.  We note that the original agreement with Up Front was that they would provide the program within the existing News Department budget.   We realize that the Up Front producers are doing good work under stressful conditions and we encourage them to call out for help from the unpaid staff.   

Adrienne: Yes
David: No
Tim: No
Ann: Yes
Shahram: Yes

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